Welcome to Campbell Bible Church!

Campbell Bible Church is a small family-size traditional, country church. Here at CBC, we love the family because we are a family ourselves. We are traditional in that we have not changed much since the church was established in the 1940's. We have updated a few things and added some new technology, but we still hold to the conservative family values that the church was established with. We are a New Testament church, in that we strive to align ourselves as close to the teachings of Jesus Christ as we can.  When visiting, you can expect a friendly atmosphere, music centered on the Bible, and preaching directly from the truth of Scripture. We hope that you will stop by and see what a difference our family can make in yours.


What are people saying about Campbell Baptist Church?
My "country" church.

"CBC is so much like the country church I grew up in. The first day I attended I knew I was where God wanted me to be." 

Bonnie L.

Feels like family.

"Growing up I attended Campbell Baptist Church, and now have three children of my own. I have been a member for nearly 50 years. Our church is small, and being a part of it feels like "family." We are so thankful for the continued spiritual support."

Teresa D.

They have what matters.

"At CBC, doctrine and fellowship matters. That's why it feels like home."

The Gonzales Family