Do you like small group study? We at Campbell Bible Church are a small group. We believe that there are benefits to meeting in a small group. In the book of Acts chapter 2, we see the early church gathering together in small groups, meeting in people’s homes, enjoying fellowship around God’s Word, praying for each other, and having a close bond with their fellow believers. In a small group, we get to enjoy taking more time to get to know each other, more time to pray with and for each other, and more time serving with each other. Our hope and prayer is that you would consider joining our small group!

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We want to invite you to listen to a new podcast that is officially launching on January 1st. The name of the podcast is Moments in Truth and it is hosted by GT Stiekes. The purpose of Moments in Truth is to give you a spiritual “snack” to help feed your hungry soul in-between heavier spiritual meals. It is a few moments of your day to help bring you spiritual refreshment and hope in facing your daily spiritual battles.

Available to listen to from all major podcast apps or click below.

Moments in Truth

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